enabling structures

for Alignment, Self-organization & High Performance
in Agile Teams and Organizations

Does your organization suffer from

unproductive meetings,
unclear responsibilities, and
ineffective communication?

Get help for your team

→ better alignment of teams
→ effective decision making
→ collaborative teamwork
→ serious improvements
less interdependence
→ more customer focus




I contributed to numerous organizations and helped teams achieve their goals. My previous clients value my work for the combination of deep knowledge transformed into pragmatic answers (see some testimonials below).

I would be excited to talk with you about your challenges. Please find my contact information below and get in touch!

I am happy to engage in consulting mandates, as well as individual and team coaching, and strive to enable my clients to achieve sustainable understanding and solutions that work for your specific context.


I have published and presented my research and insight resulting from my practical experience at many conferences and within companies, such as Swisscom and Google. If you are interested in a talk, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Topics include:

• The Science behind Agile Frameworks for Teams and Organizations, and how to put it effectively into practice.

• Agile is not new: Organizational and Team Psychological Foundations of Stabiilty and Agility. How agile teams can benefit from decades of research.


I often provide workshops and trainings at large and small companies, as well as universities. My approach is undogmatic, with a pinch of humor. I focus on the Why and How of Agile methods, instead of merely conveying processes and frameworks.

Not like standard certification trainings:

My academic background in team collaboration and organization theory, combined with my industry experience equip me to help my clients see beyond agile processes and understand the mechanisms in which they work on individual-, team- and organizational levels.


About me

I am an Agile Coach with a broad educational background and international experience. I help companies achieve greater agility while simultaneously focussing on their core competencies for stability and growth. To this end, I employ the knowledge I have gained from my doctoral research on successful agile teams across diverse industries, combined with my industry experience in some of the most mature agile teams and innovative companies.

My background lies at the interface of organizational behavior, economics, and technology. I hold a Dr. sc. in Organizational Psychology from ETH Zurich, as well as a degree in Technology Management from the CDTM in Munich. I also hold a Dipl.-Ing. in Electrical Engineering and IT, and a BSc in Economics and Management from the London School of Economics.

My broad education enables me to understand organizational problems from a deep and holistic perspective.

Having lead many teams in very diverse fields toward the creation of enabling structures, I have come to value the power of interdisciplinarity and honest, fast feedback.

My experience is rooted in various industry positions in diverse agile settings. Besides speaking at international conferences and sharing research insight from agile teams, I have worked with many companies in multiple roles on business agility, agile transformation and DevOps topics, as well as in agile and leadership training for top executives and agile teams. I have gained valuable experience from several full-time engagements as a Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Agile Coach.


Let’s collaborate!


I co-organize the annual Lean-Agile-Scrum Conference with swissICT. We host the largest agile community in Switzerland.


Agile meets Leadership

This top-rated workshop on agility and leadership conveys agile thinking and principles beyond the known frameworks.


Agile HR

I co-host a Zurich based meetup to bridge Agility and HR for a huge community. Together, we learn and share what Agile HR means.


Scrum Master Toolbox

Listen to a week of interviews I did for the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast with Vasco Duarte.


The thinklog

With Liz Fischer, I created the thinklog. Use it as personal retrospective to become better at your work!



…let us do something fun & create impact together!



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What they say

Denniz brings a wealth of experience and broad range of theoretical insights to his workshops. He succeeds in creating a true understanding of agility – undogmatic and independent of frameworks and buzzwords.

Anja Grommes, People Director Financial Advisory at Deloitte

Valuable content, well structured!

Annette Hemmer, Société Générale Securities Services

The best training I had so far!

Stefan Gaul, Team Lead at Vodafone

My team and I have benefited a lot from the pragmatic and precise analysis of what underlies agility!

Tamara Markert, Head of Organization Development at University Hospital Zurich

Inspiring! Important concepts conveyed in an applicable way!

Dr. Marcus Volkert, Manager R&D at GNT Europa

Denniz is not only a really nice guy, but also really smart and deep into agile leadership.

Wolfgang Rathert, CEO at Pik AG


Denniz has tremendous knowledge and a deep understanding of what he’s talking about. And, what’s more, he can show you how to put it into practice!

Katrina Welge, Lecturer in Leadership and Change Management at FHNW

I walked out of the workshop feeling enabled to put Denniz’s valuable inputs on user centricity directly into practice!

Andrea Küffer, Die Mobiliar Insurance

Denniz was outstanding as a consultant when our team got stuck or had questions. The tips were applicable and fantastic!

Anja Sandberg, Director of HR at Waldorf Astoria


Denniz brings together his off-the-charts creativity with passion and the pragmatism for answers that work.

Dr. Jann Spiess, Assistant Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business

Great workshop! Entertaining, much reflection in small groups, fantastic training concept!

Christian Braun, Head of Management Development at Ergo Insurance Group